Everything Is Energy 

Was with my friend last night and I got an insight and really felt the urge to do an experiment with my #dowsing rods. 
If the rod spins anti-clockwise it means low frequency and if it spins clockwise then it is high. 
First we both focussed on something that makes us really sad or feel bad. I asked the rod what the energy in the room was and it span anti-clockwise slowly which means a low energy frequency. 

Then we focussed on our heart chakras and something we love and when I asked the rod what the energy was in the room the rod span fast out of control clockwise. 

This is a powerful reminder how our energy works and we all can affect or be affected by others and how staying on the higher frequency manifestations happen quicker. 

Tune into the frequency of love and watch how your life changes, there will be lower frequency times but when you are conscious of it and refocus on the higher frequency of light of pure #love anything is possible! 

?Tip: Think of your life as radio dial… 

When you are in the lower frequency: hate, fear, anger etc you attract in your life that which matches that frequency. 

When you are in a higher frequency: love, kindness, hope, faith etc you attract in your life that which matches that frequency. 

Stay conscious of what frequency you are on and you can always tune it up if it’s on low by listening to some uplifting music, meditation, dancing, spend time with those you love, go out into nature or just do something you love. 

Finally… Send love to all those on a lower frequency ❤️❤️❤️


Namaste ❤️??❤️

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