Hello, I Am Sonya Hilton

Intuitive Healer & Energy Mentor

First and foremost I am a devoted mother warrior to my beautiful 7- year-old son is amazing with complex needs due to a difficult birth. In my heart, I know he chose me to be his mummy so that I will be able to help him self-heal and manage life better.

I have had many different paths in my life but none as pure as Reiki and I have embraced all the lessons my life has taught me to date because they have all given me an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Reiki has taught me so much and since 2011 I have been on an incredible journey, not all of it pleasant as when any healing takes place the shit really needs to come up to be released. Having my son also threw me off course a little as I realized there were some triggers from my childhood that needed healing too. What I have learned most of all over the years is how to manage those triggers and let go of what no longer serves me so I am no longer stuck in old patterns. 

I Am dedicated to the continued personal development, through study and practice, I have learned tools which can work to create a peacefully, empowered life. We are all human and will have down days as life always sends us obstacles but through harmonizing the light and the dark in all of us we can create ease and flow. 

What is Reiki?

A healing technique based on the principle that the practitioner can channel energy into the receiver by means of touch (or non-touch which I prefer), to activate the natural self-healing processes of the receivers to restore mental, emotion and physical balance.

Reiki Healing Session

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Reiki Home Study Coursework & Attunements

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Intuitive Energy Readings

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Intuitive Angle Card Guidance

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Lots More Specific Healings, Meditations & Courses Coming Soon…

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